Marketing can take many forms. Let’s find the one best suited for your project and help you scale it with our top-notch marketing services.

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Choosing the right marketing solutions for your project can make or break it. Our seasoned marketers are ready to help you customize a campaign setup that will accelerate your growth and take your project to the next level.

Giveaways, contests and AMAs

Giveaways, contests and AMAs are great ways to build engagement, connect with your community, and engage them to help your project.

You can use giveaways and contests as powerful tools to generate interest and buzz for your project. It’s an effective strategy for attracting new investors and users, as well as for engaging with and rewarding your existing community. When hosting giveaways and contests, it’s important to be mindful of prize sizes, frequency, as well as the platform you’re hosting them on.

You can use AMAs to connect with your community and provide a platform for answering questions and sharing information. It’s a particularly popular and effective tool in crypto, due to the complexity of the technology. An AMA is a great opportunity to build trust and credibility with your community and show them that you’re willing to engage with them.

Press releases and sponsored articles

Press releases and sponsored articles are great ways to get the word out through established, reliable publishers. We’ll utilize our connections to get you published in the best news outlets and can also deliver high-converting, USP-based content.

Paid social services

Running a successful business nowadays requires a strong digital omnichannel presence, but what is it and how do you ensure you get the most out of it?

When building an online presence within the web3 space there are many pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs, as a violation of the terms of service/use can get your account permanently banned or rejected, which can result in shutting down your business in the long term. All relevant social media channels are very conscious of web3 projects, as they are mostly about digital currency or services, which is a red flag within the violation departments on the given channel already, and why you need to be extremely careful.

At enter, we have built a full-service paid social setup based on our own AB tests and experiences to ensure that you’re in the best possible hands regarding the marketing of your web3 project.

With a massive investment in marketing campaigns and paid social, we have gathered great experience in what the most powerful and high-converting setups are, which we will allow you to benefit from. Based on our experiences we are able to make a fully scalable paid social marketing setup tailored to your specific business and needs.

We’ll help you:

  • Analyze your website data and identify your core audience
  • Research your 5 biggest competitors' marketing activities
  • Analyze your digital profile and previous marketing activities for maximum yield of future campaigns
  • Identify the purpose of your marketing activities and set up SMART goals based on your ad budget
  • Identify the most relevant and appropriate social media channels for you to advertise on
  • Identify your tone of voice so that all campaigns are streamlined and are spoken in the same “language”

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